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Jul 14, 2020 ... Data Science Tutorials in Julia. Learning by doing. This website offers tutorials for MLJ.jl and related packages. On each tutorial page, you will ...

Data Science With Julia | A Complete Tutorial


Oct 30, 2017 ... A comprehensive tutorial to learn data science with Julia from scratch. In this article learn about data type and building machine learning ...

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Julia Workshop for Physicists by Carsten Bauer (see also JuliaWorkshop19). ThinkJulia · A Deep Introduction to Julia for Data Science and Scientific Computing by ...


JuliaStats. Statistics and Machine Learning made easy in Julia. Easy to use tools for ... Use the StatsKit meta-package to load all essential packages for statistics ...

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Mar 30, 2013 ... DataFrames is one of the most widely used Julia packages. This session is an introduction to data analysis with Julia using DataFrames.

New Bayesian Statistics tutorials with Turing - Julia Discourse


I've just made some Bayesian Statistics tutorials using Julia and Turing. The content is fully opensourced in GitHub and has a very permissive Creative ...

Bayesian Statistics using Julia and Turing


I won't cover Julia basics and any sort of data manipulation using Julia in the tutorials, instead please take a ...

storopoli/Bayesian-Julia: Bayesian Statistics using Julia ... - GitHub


What about other Turing tutorials? Despite not being the only Turing tutorial that exists, this tutorial aims to introduce Bayesian inference along with how to use ...

A Deep Introduction to Julia for Data Science and Scientific Computing


He runs the blog,, where he write tutorials on using the Julia languages covering many topics, such as high-performance and ...

Chapter 1 Julia Tutorial


Julia Tutorial. 1.1 Why Julia? Julia is a modern, expressive, high-performance programming language designed for scientific computation and data manipulation ...