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Flight Training. Receive and log flight training from an authorized instructor in an aircraft, flight simulator, or flight training device that represents the aircraft ...

Everything You Need to Know About Instrument Rating Requirements


Jul 30, 2020 ... Using a Flight Simulator for IFR Training. Whether you go to a Part 141 or Part 61 flight school, you should be able to use a flight simulator to ...

How Pilots Can Stay IFR Current at Home | Flying


Nov 27, 2018 ... The requirement for instrument currency, which must be met every six ... as either Full Flight Simulators (FFS) or Flight Training Devices (FTD), ...

FAA restores sim time for instrument rating - AOPA


Apr 12, 2016 ... Beginning May 12, pilots will again be able to count up to 20 hours in an approved aviation training device toward the instrument rating.

InFO15012: Logging Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP)


Sep 8, 2015 ... Simulated instrument flight conditions conducted in any FAA approved: • Flight Simulator/Full Flight Simulator (FFS),2. • Flight Training Device ...

14 CFR § 61.65 - Instrument rating requirements. | CFR | US Law ...


(ii) A full flight simulator or a flight training device appropriate to the rating sought and for the specific maneuver or instrument approach procedure performed.

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The versatile Redbird LD is the perfect solution for flight schools and individual pilots that need the power of a Redbird simulator in their home or office. Read More.

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Shows how to setup a home flight simulator and what the best flight sim ... remote flight instruction via simulators including taking an instrument student from start ...

14 CFR § 61.51 - Pilot logbooks. | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal ...


(iii) Simulated instrument conditions in flight, a full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device. (iv) Use of night vision goggles in an aircraft in ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator - New IFR Training Missions (3rd Party ...


Oct 23, 2020 ... IFR Flight is a difficult subject to grasp, but fortunately Flight Academy have released some training missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator.