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Of course not definition is - —used informally to say no in a way that shows one is very definite. How to use of course not in a sentence.

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Definition of OF COURSE NOT (phrase): no; used for refusing to give someone permission; used for agreeing or disagreeing with someone.

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5 days ago ... of course not ... used to emphasize that you disagree or that something is not true : "Where did you get the money? Did you steal it?" "Of course not.

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of ˈcourse not ... (also ˈcourse not informal) used to emphasize the fact that you are saying 'no': 'Are you going?' 'Of course not.' ♢ 'Do you mind?' 'No, of course ...

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof course notof course not ( also course not informal) spokenUNTRUE used to say very strongly that ...

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Synonyms for 'of course not': no, certainly not, by no means, not really, on no account/not on any account, not likely, hardly, no way, not, ain't.

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'Of course no' could be considered correct, but awkward in normal everyday American English. The most common, usual phrase is, 'Of course not.' It implies '  ...

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Jul 10, 2021 ... 'I did not invent these scenes,' says Paul Verhoeven defending the graphic violence and sex in his film, based on a true story.

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